Wichita Area Professional Pet

Sitting in Your Home 

pups playing with ball and pet sitter

My goal is to make your pets this happy!

I have wanted to be a pet sitter since I first heard the term in the early 1980’s.  In 2010, I finally achieved that dream. This is not just a sideline “job” for me; it’s a career. 

I know what it is like to travel and worry about my pets. I worry about their safety, their health and their happiness.  I want someone to care for them that will follow their quirky routines, such as sharing an apple before bed! I want the sitter to follow their exercise routine and give them plenty of affection so they won’t be anxious and miss us as much.  

I hope the pet sitter understands body language and uses positive reinforcement to build a bond with my pets. It would be such a relief if they were knowledgeable enough about pets to spot signs of illness before it becomes a problem.   It’s important for them to consider worst case scenarios and have a plan in advance. In short, I want them to be dedicated to the complete care of my pets and be responsible with my home. 

 I’m so glad my pets will always be at  home when I travel. 

That’s what pet sitting is all about.

Advantages of pet sitting

  • So much less stress for you and your pets!

  • Your pets stay in the comfort of their own home with their own beds and favorite places to hang out.

  • They will have the comforting, familiar smells surrounding them

  • Each pet’s unique routine is followed

  • One-on-one exercise, play and affection 

  • Your home is more secure with daily visits

  • Complimentary home services 

  • No need to impose on friends or family

    As opposed to other options:

  • There won’t be constant barking or other pet sounds from animals they don’t know

  • No risk of fights with other people’s pets

  • No travel trauma or pickup and delivery schedules to work around

  • Minimal exposure to illnesses of other animals

 Call 316-838-5691 to schedule your meet and greet 

(initial consultation) at no charge or obligation.

If you and your pets feel comfortable with me, we will develop a thoroughly customized plan of care.