Wichita Area Professional Pet

Sitting at Your Home 

pups playing with ball and pet sitter

Yeah! Our pet sitter is here and we’re having a blast in our own back yard!

The reason I started pet sitting in 2010 is that I am passionate about my own pets staying at home when I travel. Their stress is reduced by having a professional pet sitter they know and trust. It is important to keep to their routines as much as possible to reduce anxiety. At home, they have their own beds, familiar surroundings and comforting smells of our family. 

I know what it is like to travel and worry about my pets. I felt guilty asking family and friends to care for them when they are so busy with their own lives. They can’t always spare the time to provide quality time with my pets. So, they often feed and run, especially on holidays. And really… who can blame them?  

As opposed to other choices, I believe pet sitting in the pets’ own home reduces chances of illness and fights between other animals they don’t know. My dog would go crazy in a kennel, putting up with constant barking.  

A pet sitter should know…

My hope is that the person who cares for my four-legged family is knowledgeable enough about my pets to spot signs of illness before it becomes a problem. And, that he/she will understand body language and utilize safe, responsible practices. They should know what to do if a stray dog approaches when they are out walking a dog. And God forbid, what to do and what not to do if a dog gets loose. And, so much more. Having the knowledge and a plan for worst case scenarios is imperative.

Last but not least, it is very important to me that my pets get some exercise and have some fun so they won’t be so bored and lonely. 

I choose a professional pet sitter when I have to be away. I hope you will, too.

Choose Gentle Guardian Pet Sitting… for your peace of mind.

The initial consultation or meet and greet is at no obligation and no charge.  If you and your pets feel comfortable with me, we will develop a thoroughly customized plan of care.  Call 316-838-5691 to schedule your appointment.