Horse and Farm Sitting


So many small horse farm owners severely limit their travel due to concern over finding dependable help for their farm animals and pets.  If that includes you, call me at 316-838-5691. If you choose to use my services at the Meet & Greet initial consultation, I will go through the entire schedule of chores step-by-step with you and record detailed instructions for you to approve.

Ask about our weekend getaway package! My husband, Earl, and I can run the farm from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon. You can go have some fun!

Having been a horse owner (see one of my former horses below), I feel confident with the basics of horse care and safety procedures.  

One thing I learned along the way is the signs of colic. My own horse experienced it three times. Twice I was able to keep her up and walk it out. The third time I took her to the vet for treatment. 

I am willing to travel up to 30 miles to your farm and stay overnight if needed. In this case, my husband, who also grew up on a farm with several horses will usually come along.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a backup ready to go in case of emergency travel, such as illness in the family?

We provide services such as:

  • Feed mixed as directed
  • Fresh Water 
  • Clean water tank or buckets 
  • Muck stalls
  • Sweep floors
  • Turn out
  • Blanket
  • Fly Spray
  • Medication/supplements and treats as directed


*Horses must not be used for breeding, showing or any type of income production due to insurance regulations.

Call 316-838-5691 to schedule your meet and greet”  (initial consultation) at no charge or obligation.

Pricing will be determined at the “Meet & Greet” due to so many variables.

Horse Farm Testimonials

“Dixie is a dream come true. She is just what we needed to watch over… our horses while on trips. She is prompt, reliable and loves her work, I would recommend Dixie to anyone who needs to have pet sitting done and is anxious about sitters…this is the one to call!!”

“Dixie is one in a million. She takes such great care of the horses and cats. It isn’t hard to see that she is a true animal lover and horse person. I recommend Dixie for all of your pet sitting needs.”

one of my former horses and horse trailer

One of my former horses. Wow do I miss her and trail riding.