Quality, dependable pet sitting in your home 

When you have to be away from home, you can reduce separation anxiety in your pets by keeping them in their own environment with their own pet sitter — a pet sitter they can get to know and trust through consistent visits.  Having the same pet sitter each time can provide a sense of security for them and for you.  Your pets will be given focused, loving attention along with exercise and play in the manner they appreciate most.

Types of Pet Sitting Services:

  • Daily visits as often as your pet needs while you travel 
  • Mid-day Potty breaks or Dog Walking while you work
  • Overnight stays at your home or farm 
  • Holiday visits

Daily Visits while you Travel Include:

         Your visits are tailored to you and your pets’ needs; here are typical services 

  • Fresh water, food mixed as needed
  • Medications, supplements and treats as requested
  • Clean up pet waste, muddy paw prints, and keeping feeding areas clean
  • Exercise and play to minimize stress
  • Engaging your pet with activities they enjoy to release those “feel good” hormones
  • One-on-one affection and companionship as they desire
  • Communication with you (often with photos) once a day or every visit– whatever you prefer

Complimentary Services 

  • Pick up mail and newspaper
  • Move trash carts 
  • Rotate window treatments and lights
  • Water house plants
  • Security Checks


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 Call 316-838-5691 to schedule your meet and greet” (initial consultation) at no charge or obligation.