Cat Sitting

cat sitting for shy cats

Cat sitting is a real treat for me. Don’t we all adore the amazing sound and vibration of a cat purring. Plus, it is so rewarding to draw out the shyest of cats and become friends.



Cat Sitting

  • Feed to your specifications (Don’t be  shy… I will spoil them however you do!)

  • Fresh water

  • Clean litter box every day and a complete change as needed

  • Keep feeding area clean

  • Medication/supplements as directed

  • Treats as directed

  • Attempt to patiently and gently coach fearful cats to trust me

  • Give the bolder cats one-on-one attention, taking time to pet them

  • Use the cat’s toys to play with them if they like

  • Communication as often you desire to let you know how your pets are doing


Complimentary Services 

  • Pick up mail and newspaper
  • Move trash carts 
  • Rotate window treatments and lights
  • Water house plants
  • Security Checks


Call 316-838-5691 to schedule your meet and greet

 (initial consultation) at no charge or obligation.